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Horses are of different races and there are animal lineages more powerful than the others. The Jersey horse breed is part of this beautiful lineage. It is the cross between the horses of the Anglo-Norman islands and horses of the Cossacks in the 21st century. If you want to compete successfully, come and buy horses from us and we will get it to you in no time. We are a jersey horse selling site, a unique breed.

Well-trained sports horses

We want to share with you our passion for the horse especially from the Jersey lineage from its conception until it becomes the champion you dream of. We offer horses of all ages and pure breeds to horse riders. We present horses for dressage and obstacle but also stallions of complete competitions. Our foals and stallions are born from a national and meticulous selection. These horses have the best potential to enter the national and international competitions and even can compete against other pure breeds. Any horse that you offer at home will guarantee you safety and ease of execution under the saddle. We are working closely with renowned and renowned stud farms in the world. Thus, our stallions are among the most reliable of the horse riding market.

Fast delivery service

Our offers and services are not just a Jersey horse sale, our company also makes an express delivery of all the items of horses and even animals that you buy from us. The package will be delivered to you by hand in a short time because the delivery is by boat. So you do not have to be afraid that your riding accessories will get lost on the road or your horse will be roughened during the ride. The horse will be transported in all the safe and favorable conditions so that it arrives at your home safe and sound. Our company also has an efficient payment system. You just click the buy button and we will do the rest for you. To find the stallion of your dream, the Jersey, you just have to send us all the criteria of your research.

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