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How many places at most for a spa?

The size of the spa varies and so does the cost. You can have Jacuzzis that take up several places, but the purchase must depend on a number of criteria that must be taken into account. Jacuzzis can have as many places as possible, but for this there are important criteria, because the larger the spa, the more expensive it is.

Taking into account the size of the spa

The size of the spa determines the number of places available. Generally, the maximum number of places is 3 to 4 places. In a 4-seater jacuzzi, in fact, there are two seats and two other reclining places. The example of the fiji luxury spa is ideal for its capacity and functionality. It offers, with its 92 therapy jets, a set of massaging treatments based on its water jets. There are one and two person spas, and 6 to 10 person spas and more. But the choice should depend on your goals and your budget, because the more places there are, the more expensive the spa.

The shape of the spa as a determining factor in the number of places

The shape is just as decisive in the number of places available in a jacuzzi. Indeed, it should be noted that the number of places in a jacuzzi also depends on the form. There are several shapes of spa, and places are limited depending on the shape (rectangular, round, square, etc.). The shapes of round spas do not really have enough places, this type of jacuzzi is generally limited to seven places. This is not at all the case with Jacuzzis which have a rectangular shape which with as many places as possible. This type is ideal for group relaxation at home.

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