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How to choose the right saddle for your four legged friend

The saddle is an important accessory for anyone wishing to practice horse riding. It must meet certain conditions to ensure comfort and safety to your four-legged friend. Therefore, choose a saddle is an exercise that must be taken seriously. We’ll tell you how to choose the right saddle for your nag.

Choose a saddle adapted to your horse’s back

The first thing to take into account is the shape of the horse’s back. Indeed, a good saddle must perfectly adapt to the morphology of the equine. This task can sometimes be difficult and the advice of a professional will be welcome. This criterion involves choosing a saddle of the right size (usually between 17 and 18 inches). In all cases, it is recommended to try the saddle a few days on the horse, to see how the latter behaves with this accessory. Many stores and dealers offer this trial period.

A new or used saddle

One of the things that rejects riders is the price of the saddle. Indeed, investing in a saddle can be costly, especially when it is a saddle brand or a new saddle or a saddle custom. An interesting alternative is used saddle. Besides, we can find on the internet, good saddle sold at good prices, even brand-name accessories like antares saddles. Moreover, in most cases, you will have access to reconditioned leather saddles. In addition, the price of used seat is also dependent on its age. The older the saddle is, the less expensive it will be. However, its strength and comfort are not included.

Choose your saddle according to your equestrian discipline

If there is one thing that novices in riding forget to take into account, it is good that a saddle corresponds to a given equestrian sport. Indeed, each equestrian discipline solicits specific parts of the horse. In this case, the saddle must be adapted not only to the horse’s morphology, but also to the different movements imposed by the sport practiced. This is how we find hiking saddles, jumping saddles, running saddles, dressage saddles and so on.

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