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How to find the right saddle size ?

During a horse race or during a dressage, the saddle is the most important equipment. It ensures stability and comfort of the rider. But also, the qualities of the saddle greatly influences the performance of the horse. Thus, to be successful in the field of riding, it is advisable to be equipped with accessories of good size and good quality. How do you choose the size of your saddle?

A question of morphology

Before buying a saddle for your horse, you have to follow some rules, otherwise the equipment may not fit either the stallion or the rider himself. Since the saddle is the contact element between the jumper and its mount, it must be chosen with great care. There are different types depending on the age of the rider. The average size is 17.5 inches. It is the standard saddle which corresponds to a good number of riders. The 16 inches are reserved for the smallest and the 18 inches for the tall people. We must make a judicious choice in terms of equestrian equipment, because if one is mistaken about the correct size of the saddle, we risk putting our horse to the test and our safety in the same way.

The horse counts

When a rider chooses a saddle, it is not just about his taste or the accessory that suits him. A bad saddle will have negative impacts on both the rider and his mount. It must therefore be adapted to the morphotype of the horse. And for this, tests must be made before concluding the purchase. The mattress must be perfectly matched to the body of the stallion. To be able to benefit from these services, it is advisable to visit the professionals of the saddle. The right accessories can be found at horses equitack. In terms of quality and price, it is the best reference for the purchase of the equipments suitable for his horse. And, do not hesitate to ask the opinion of his professional team on the right saddle to choose. There are only saddler experts like Equitack who can advise on this issue and who also offer top quality horse equipment.

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