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Make sure the comfort of your horse is a priority

How to choose your saddle? What should you watch out for to ensure the comfort of your horse? What are the signs of a badly adapted saddle? Who should I contact for advice? Maybe cwd used saddles will be better for your horse.

What is a well adapted saddle?

Depending on its discipline, the rider has the choice between several models of saddles: dressage, obstacle, cross, endurance, polo or race. Saddle in synthetic leather or with different leathers: grained, doubled calf or buffalo. Then remains to choose the mark of the saddle. But keep in mind that it is not essential to spend thousands of dollars for an adapted saddle. Nevertheless, concentrate on one thing: make sure that the saddle is adapted to your mount. The difference in price corresponds more to the quality of the leather, the tree and the manufacture of the saddle.

All saddle brands are not adaptable on your horse. Many brands are manufactured as standard. So, you will not have the possibility to adapt the panels of your saddle according to your horse. First, the saddle must be balanced on the horse's back. That is, the seat should be parallel to the floor when it is placed just behind the tip of the shoulder blade. In this position, the saddle allows its mount a better mobility.

The weight of the saddle must be evenly distributed. For this, the padding must be in contact with the horse's back. The saddle must in no way touch the spine and tourniquet of the horse. Saddles with a narrow gutter are generally to be avoided because they do not allow the release of the column. The rider must be able to pass 2 to 3 fingers between the withers and the saddle.

Thus, the goal is that the saddle is perfectly adapted to the horse and the rider. It is important that the stool be checked regularly.

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