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Why horse lovers prefer fine used saddles

Whether the saddle is a new saddle or a used saddle, it is a major issue for the rider because sitting on it, it plays on the quality of its position and its plate. And because the riders are all physically different, a model may be perfect for your friend but not for you (and vice versa). It's not easy to find your way through the process of buying a saddle. What budget do you need? Which model to take (flat, semi-hollow, and hollow)? Cleat, not cleat, new or used.

The best for horse lovers

The price of a saddle depends on the brand, materials and style. And there is a wide variety of brand, model and type of stool. For small budgets, it is possible to move to the used saddles. It is also possible to opt for a fine used saddle, a good idea to find a saddle of great brand at a more affordable price. Because used saddle, do not mean bad saddle. Among the occasions are beautiful saddles, sometimes almost new or very well maintained, and sometimes even real wonders. All saddles available according to your tastes, your level, you choose.

We offer high end used saddles

Are you looking for a saddle for your horse? On the website you will find a large selection of new and used saddles. To better help you in your search, we have set up numerous links allowing you to refine your criteria the first time, depending on whether you plan to buy a certain type of saddle or a certain saddle brand. You do not have the budget to buy a saddle brand new, the site is for you. Your budget allows you to buy a new mid-range saddle, we then offer to invest in a high-end used saddle! It will meet your expectations for many more years. The site offers a large selection of prestigious brands such as: Antares, Devoucoux, Butet, Bruno Delgrange, CWD, Childeric and Forestier. Most of our saddles were made in France.

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